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Next Step Scholarship

How does the Next Step Scholarship work?

  • Canadian Valley's Next Step Scholarship waives the tuition for Career Programs and Adult and Continuing Education classes. Scholarship recipients are required to pay for books, clothing and any other materials or fees needed for that program.

Who is eligible for a Next Step Scholarship?

  • The Next Step Scholarship is designed for individuals under age 24 who have a high school diploma or GED and are living in one of the sending school districts. A scholarship recipient who turns 24 during the academic year will be able to finish the remainder of that academic year tuition-free. For all subsequent career programs and classes, the student will be required to pay tuition. The student will still be able to apply for financial aid or a foundation scholarship.
  • CHICKASHA ONLY: Currently enrolled high school students will also be eligible to use a Next Step Scholarship for evening classes offered through Adult and Continuing Education.

See a Canadian Valley Tech counselor today to apply for a Next Step Scholarship.

For information:

Chickasha Campus

  • Ginny Howell

Cowan Campus

  • Debra Booth

El Reno Campus

  • Carrie Brunk

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