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Advanced Unlicensed Assistant

Prior to beginning this Career Major, the student must complete the Core Curriculum, Core Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Physiology, Core First Aid and Healthcare Provider CPR. The training program for AUAs is designed to build on basic skills traditionally performed by nursing assistants. Selected advanced skills, legal and ethical aspects of health care and appropriate personal behaviors are presented in a format combining classroom lecture/discussion, demonstration/practice lab and clinical application. Graduates of an AUA training program are prepared to safely perform technical skills that are included on an approved skills list. Once the individual has completed the training, he/she applies for certification. The Oklahoma Board of Nursing ensures that all application requirements have been met, approves the application, and notifies the applicant. The applicant then schedules an appointment to take the written examination and skills examination at an approved test site. A testing service grades the examination and notifies the Oklahoma Board of Nursing of the results. If the candidate is successful, the Oklahoma Board of Nursing will then issue the certification. There is confusion among nurses about the difference between a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and an Advanced Unlicensed Assistant (AUA). In Oklahoma, certification as a nursing assistant is required for those who work in long-term care facilities. The training, certification, and regulation of CNAs is through the Oklahoma Department of Health. Their training includes basic nursing assistant skills involving hygiene, mobility, and nutrition, among others. For questions about the role of CNAs, please call the Nurse Aide Registry at the Oklahoma Department of Health, (405) 271-4085. In Oklahoma, certification as a CNA is not required for nursing assistants who work in acute care facilities.

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Undergraduate Certificate
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